Motivated, meticulous translator for mechanical and technical sectors

A professional translator must:

  • Be dedicated to maintaining and improving their language and writing skills
  • Have in-depth knowledge of their specialist field
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology

Working with me is like having another industry insider, so you won’t have to spend time explaining terminology or how things work.

Industry expert

When you product a large volume of content for production sites in other countries or compile instruction manuals for a whole new series of machinery, you need a translator who can handle the pressure.

Entrusting your carefully crafted texts to the wrong person could result in wasting time, expending a lot of effort and sacrificing your profit margin making things right and trying to salvage your hard-earned reputation.

I’m used to

  • Large-scale projects
  • Long-running campaigns
  • Mission-critical messages

My power supply won’t dwindle when you need it the most.

Diverse professional background

My career was centred around social work for over a decade, and I hold a degree in Social Pedagogy, so I understand the value of clear communication and am extremely sensitive to my clients’ needs. I then moved out of the care sector and started to craft crime stories and articles for a regional newspaper here in Italy and honing my writing skills.

I have been translating professionally since 2005 and now run 1-2-translate di Ursula Adelheid Hopster from my home in picturesque Perugia, Italy, where I have lived since 1987.

Put your trust in an expert mechanical and technical translator and get the cogs turning for your business.